Product Registration in Dubai

Product Registration in Dubai, UAE

Due to the business nature of Dubai, which is a business hub connecting many local and international businesses across Asia, The Middle East, and Africa, products of many types is being manufactured, consumed, exported/imported in and out of Dubai and the UAE.

As a regional guideline to ensure the quality and safety of every product consumed in the local market in the UAE, businesses must register their products with the government regulatory bodies for product registration services in Dubai and the UAE.

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What is Production Registration?

Product registration is the process of registering a manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed product with the Dubai municipality before being placed in the Dubai market for consumption.

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The Importance Of Product Registration in UAE.

Though the process of product registration in Dubai, UAE may differ from product to product and industry to industry, the process ensures each product has the necessary information labeled on its package, so the consumers are informed about the content of what they are buying.

The product registration makes it possible and easy to track each product imported/exported to and from the UAE market with a unique registration number issued by the concerned authority in the emirates.

For products such as cosmetics, Food, and Beverages, the registration process makes sure to check the presence of any substance that might be harmful or addictive to the human body. If found, the product might be restricted or banned from entering the UAE market by the Dubai Municipality or other regulatory bodies for product registration in the UAE.

Categories of Products Registration in Dubai, UAE

  • Food and Beverages Products Registration
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Products Registration
  • Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals Products Registration
  • Pets Animals Foods Registration

Requirement For Product Registration in Dubai UAE

  1. A Valid UAE Trade License with trading or general trading activities
  2. Registration of your company in the Dubai Municipality Portal for access to online services
  3. Create an online application for your product registration and upload the required documents by the Dubai Municipality.
  4. Submit the Application and make payment of the related fee.
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