Business Startup in Dubai, UAE

Dubai: The UAE is considered a dream destination by investors and people who wish to startup a new business. The environment for business startups in Dubai and the UAE offers many enticing benefits to companies of all sizes.

Are you searching for reliable, cost-effective, and effortless ways to start a business in Dubai and the UAE? You're in the right place, so relax.

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How to Start a Business in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai and the UAE can be complicated and time-consuming. If not done correctly, you can as well incur some financial losses.

But do not worry, we're here to make sure you have just the actual setup for your business in Dubai without doing any donkey work.
Before taking a step in the process of company setup in Dubai, the first important aspect to consider is the type of business you want to open.

Dubai and the UAE offer three main types of business licenses based on your business activities. These are:

Commercial License in Dubai:  This type of license is for businesses to buy and sell goods. E.g: Import/Export, General Trading, Trading, e.t.c.

Professional License in Dubai:  A professional license is issued for individuals or companies offering professional or skillful services to another individual or company. eg: Consultancy Services, Educational Training, Legal Advisors, etc.

Industrial License in Dubai:  The industrial license is for companies that carry out such activities as, production, manufacturing, packaging, e.t.c.

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Next, let's look at where you can setup your company in Dubai.

The UAE offers different jurisdictions to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Mainland Business Setup: With your business setup in Dubai mainland, you stand the benefits of setting up and operating your business from anywhere in the UAE without limitation of trading and no limit on visas, no corporate or personal tax required.
  2. Freezone Business Setup: Business setup in Dubai freezone is a preferred choice for many startups as it gives you the opportunity to 100% ownership of your business, free from all customs duties, the repatriation of 100% of your capital and profits, e.t.

There are over 20+ freezones in Dubai only, each freezone has its rules and regulations that may limit you from doing business with companies in other jurisdictions. 

So, it is always advisable to seek the help of an experienced business setup consultant like us that will study and understands your business goals and objectives before suggesting the perfect freezone to establish your startup.

What Are the Procedure for Starting a Business in Dubai?

When ready to start a business in Dubai, the process is very straightforward, provided you do it correctly, as recommended by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

 Below are the steps-by-by process of acquiring a business license in Dubai.

  • Choose your Business Activity based on your business
  • Choose a name for your business ( At least three options)
  • Fill out and submit an application form.
  • Draft a Memorandum of Association ( MOA )
  • Apply for your Trade License
  • Apply for your Visa(s)
  • Apply for a Physical Office ( Not necessary for freezone companies, only if there're more than three employees)
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Start Operating your Business

Required Documents for Business Startup in Dubai

  • An Application Form
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association( MOA)
  • Passport copies of shareholders (If more than one)
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Original incorporation certificate
  • Power of Attorney
Business Startup in Dubai
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