UAE Freezone Business Setup

In an objective to attract more foreign investors and experts to establish a business in UAE, the government of the UAE has created over 45+ freezones across the country, offering 100% foreign business ownership, 100% tax exemptions, and the ability to a free import/export duty, just to name a few.
With this, a UAE freezone business setup has become the desired option for foreign investors in starting a business in Dubai and the UAE.

A freezone company formation in UAE can be an attractive option for any foreign investor, but choosing the right freezone for your business is something to be considered firsthand.

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Our team of experienced business advisors is always ready to handle the complete assignment of your business setup in UAE. We will guide you through every step of the process – from choosing your location to obtaining your business license, Visas, and other necessary paperwork from the government.

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Types of Business License For UAE Free Zone Company Formation

Choosing the right type of business license for your company formation in freezone is very important as this determines the nature and activities of your business.
The location of your business in the UAE can also be determined by your business type, as most freezone authorities offer specified business activities.
Below are the three main business types you can choose based on your company's objectives.

Commercial License in Dubai
These are for businesses that are involved in buying and selling goods or services. E.g: Retail Stores, Restaurants. e.t.c.

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Professional License in Dubai
These type of license allows the licensee to provide professional services in Dubai and the UAE, e.g: Consultancy, Real Estate, IT infrastructure management, e.t.c.
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Industrial License in Dubai
For companies having production, collection, packaging, e.t.c, as their main activities, the industrial license is the best option. Thus, it is required to have a warehouse inside the UAE for this type of business.
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Benefits of UAE Freezone Business Setup

For foreign investors, setting up a freezone company in the UAE remains the most sought-after company structure due to several investor benefits such as:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership of the Business

  • 0% Corporate or Income Tax

  • 100% Repatriation of Profit and Capital transfer

  • Easy and Fast Business Setup Procedure with less Documents Requirements.

  • No Customs Duty on imports/exports to the Free Zones.

    There are over 20+ other benefits a freezone company in UAE is entitled to.

UAE Freezone Business Setup
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